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In the wake of the financial crisis many American producers are reducing their stock. Therefore we decided to double our storage space which will allow us to continue our fast and reliable service and we will extend our programme of innovative products from our own production.

For the approaching Festive Season and the New Year we at infochroma ag and Glastechnik Gräfenroda GmbH are wishing you all the best.

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Melamine in Milk: the Analysis to the Problem

Milk in China has been contaminated with Melamine and in consequence milk products want testing for Melamine. Melamin is a heterocyclic aromatic compound; because of the polar functional amino-groups the HPLC analysis with the zwitterionic Hilic phase proves to be particularly suitable.

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Zwitterionic HILIC/MS/MS for the Analysis of Melamine and Cyanuric Acid in Milk Powder
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Optimized Nano Filtration for Fast and Reproducible

To prevent frit and passages to clog up when using columns with ever-smaller particle sizes, it is essential to have particle free samples and medias otherwise backpressure will increase even more than it already does.
A new Inline Filter that is directly connected the column and a Nono Filter for Mass Spectrometry that is directly connected to the port offer an easy to use solution.

Hear more about this central topic at the infoExpo in Lausanne (23.09.08) and Basel (24.09.08). Register last minute.

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Sample filtration for UPLC

Modern UPC phases with particle sizes up to 1.7 µm make filtration of your sample essential. The chosen pore size should be 0.2 µm so that viruses, bacteria and other biological fragments are effectively retained. For applying the sample on the filter, PP-syringes with luer-slip are available.

UPLC/Nano HPLC is also a topic at the up-coming infoExpo in Lausanne on 23. September 2008 and Basel on 24. September 2008. Register now!

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infoExpo 2008 in Lausanne

We are pleased to invite you to infoExpo a one day seminar with workshops and exhibtion on new developments in Chromatography. The seminar language will be French/English.

A specialist from SGE will be present at the infochroma booth in Lausanne. He will talk about MEPS, a New Possibility for Automatic Sample Preparation in the seminar.

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New at Analytica 2008

It is our pleasure to invite you to our booth A2.185 at Analytica 2008. We will answer your questions on all aspects of Chromatography spare parts, consumables and service. We show our largely extended Vial programme, our new line of Storage and Septum Vials, the patented V-Vial in new sizes an more. Contact us for a free guest ticket.

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Additional Volumes complement our Storage and Septum Vial range

Since it's introduction in 2006, our Storage and Septum Vial range with the colourful closed-top and open-top caps has continually grown and now comprises volumes from 1 - 60 ml with Vial diameters of 12, 14, 19 & 27 mm.

The latest addition is a 7.5 ml Vial with 19 mm diameter and a 30 ml Vial with 27 mm diameter

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Screw Vials - established vintage

There are 3 screw threads available for 12 x 32 mm Autosampler Vials, with the 8 mm thread and 5 mm opening being the oldest. Our partner company Glastechnik Gräfenroda GmbH produces not only the vials but also the screw caps and Silikon/ PTFE septum. Test our practical pre-assembled vial kits composed of the three components.

If your application is not critical, you may snatch a deal by checking our bargain page which lists older products that have to make space for newer ones.

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European Biotechnology Day, 5th March 2008, Neuss D

Presentations of case studies that focus on solving the challenges faced in upstream and downstream processing

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Hyaluronic Acid smoothes out wrinkles

Hyaluronan is also used to smooth out wrinkles and to fill lips. Hyaluronic Acid is a molecular chain of Dissaccharides and as some chainlenghts show better results than others, the lenght has to be defined. This is possible with a Shodex SUGAR KS Column for SEC.

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