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Bring cool chemistry into play at Christmas with

Prepare for the new year and stock up. Until Friday 19.12.2014 you still profit from

• 35% introductory discount on the new HALO®-2 Fused Core UHPLC columns

• 30% discount on SGE inlet liners

We have stocked up, too and if you are looking for a special Christmas present, why not visit the webshop with an abundance of cool chemistry based presents which won't just delight the chemist.

We ship in time for Christmas almost until the very day but recommend that after Friday 12.12.2014 you call us or send us an email enquiring if the article you are looking for is in stock.

We wish all our customers a happy festive season and a very happy New Year.

Please note: infochroma ag will be closed from Wednesday 24.12.2014 until Sunday 04.01.2015.

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Reach the finish line without shortage!

Finish the last months of the year working at full speed without shortage of stock.

Profit from our advantageous offers:
Unitl Friday, 19.12.2014

• 35% introductory discount on the new HALO®-2 Fused Core UHPLC columns

• 30% discount on SGE inlet liners

Check out our NEW products:

Yeti HPLC syringe filters with regenerated cellulose membrane (RC) for the filtration of proteins, peptides and biomolecules.

Polypropylene syringes with luer-lock

On you find of course many interesting products for the laboratory, the household and as present.

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Profit from 35 %
introdutory discount
until 19.12.2014

HALO®-2 Fused-Core columns for UHPLC

rugged - high efficiency - low back pressure

The new HALO®-2 Fused-Core UHPLC column was specifically designed for fast high resolution separations. Packed with 2 µm core-shell particles, the HALO®-2 column has a higher separation efficiency than columns packed with sub-2 µm non-core particles and works at lower operating pressure. An optimized packing technology and improved column hardware provide a column stability up to 1000 bar (14,500 psi).

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now with 35 % introductory discount

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  3 - 2 - 1 - go!

Our webshop is online!

As of today, you can order
our products online
from our webshop.

We keep feeding
additional products
into the shop.

We accept: Mastercard, Visa,
Postfinance & Paypal.

Of course our customers can
purchse on account as usual.

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Many of us are on the last lap before the half-time break, the summer holidays. Grab the chance to stock up on our storage vials on which you will currently receive a 10 % discount so that you are well prepared for the second half-time. During the World Cup 2014 our storage vials are available with the caps arranged in the national colours of the teams. And to stay the course and to reach full-time successfully, we recommend the Salli saddle chair. Profit from the 20 % discount on selected colours and exhibition pieces until 09.09.2014.
For relaxed hours during the half-time break, our web-shop for chemistry fans - - provides cool T-shirt, reading matter for lazy hours in the deck chair and accessories for experiments on balconia.

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until 30.05.2014
25 %
introductory discount

Time is running out on special savings on HALO BioClass UHPLC and HPLC columns

Don't miss the chance to profit from the 25 % introductory discount on all HALO BioClass columns for the separation of peptides and proteins. Since their introduction over eight years ago, the HALO columns, based on the innovative Fused-Core particle technology, have convinced with speed, high peak capacity, and durability.

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profit now from
25 %
introductory discount

Better HPLC/UHPLC of peptides and proteins with new HALO BioClass columns

HALO BioClass columns deliver a stable performance in a broad pH range, which allows 0.1% TFA/acetonitrile gradient as the first choice as a mobile phase at low pH for an outstanding separation of peptides and proteins. Furthermore, the high temperature stability up to 90 °C enables a much better separation of especially big proteins, which is especially interesting for scientists who may be using typical wide pore columns.

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NEW: HALO "fused core" semi-prep columns with 10mm ID - analysis and purification

The advantages of the HALO column - faster separation and higher resolution - are now also available for semi-preparative applications with the new HALO columns with 10 mm ID. Use them to prepare a larger amount of sample solution to identify substances by another separation technique including MS; or to purify target substances more effectively such as drugs and natural extracts.

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Now available: semi-preparative columns with HALO packings

Now available: semi-preparative columns with HALO packings

Now, the columns with 2.7 µm HALO and 5 µm HALO packings are also available as semi-preparative columns with 10 mm internal diameter.

Find the available phases and dimensions in the pdf's listed below.

If you have any questions, please contact Yukiko Higai

2.7 µm HALO columns, ID 10 mm
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5 µm HALO columns, ID 10 mm
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