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HALO® BioClass Fused-Core columns for the separation of peptides, proteins and glycan

HALO® BioClass columns deliver a stable performance in a broad pH range, which allows 0.1% TFA/acetonitrile gradient as the first choice as a mobile phase at low pH for an outstanding separation of peptides, proteins and glycan. Furthermore, the high temperature stability up to 90 °C enables a much better separation of especially big proteins, which is especially interesting for scientists who may be using typical wide pore columns.

Profit until Tuesdsay 22.12.2015 from our special offer and receive a free 3-pack of HALO® BioClass guard columns with each order of one analytical HALO® BioClass Fused-Core column (2.1, 3.0, 4.6 mm ID).

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TOC Vials
< 10ppb

cap & septum velded

available ex stock

Switzerland, the moated castle

Switzerland has roughly 3000 water-supply-sources, ensuring that we all have access to drinking water at any time.

Over one billion cubic meter of drinking water is provided, yearly. This corresponds with about 2 % of Switzerland's average rainfall.

Each day we use on average 400 l of drinking water per head.

The yearly cost of providing drinking water mounts to about 1.2 billion Swiss Francs.

Protecting the waters and securing the adequate supply with drinking water is extremely important.

40 ml screw vial pre-cleaned for TOC <10 ppb

Total organic carbon is a sum parameter which measures the concentration of organic substances in water. Low polluted waters have a TOC content of 1-2 mg/l. Highly polluted waters have a TOC content of over 10 mg/l.

Typically, vials pre-cleaned for TOC are used for trace-level TOC measurement, the validation of water installations or cleaning validations.

40 ml TOC vial, clear glass, complete with open-top screw cap with a welded 1.5 mm thick silicone/PTFE septum.

Further vial volumes and dimensions are available.

Profit from our summer promotions: Cool promotions for those that stay in over summer

We all have to work more cost efficient. But at the same time the quality of our work and the efficiency should not suffer.

infochroma places importance on the quality of its products and with our summer promotions those that stay home over summer can profit from cool offers in the heat of the summer.

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Summer promotion: 35 % discount on all
HALO®-5 columns

Stevia - the „natural“ sweetener a laboratory produce

LC-MS analysis of stevia glycosides from a Stevia natural sweetener extract is easily accomplished using the HALO®-5 Penta-HILIC column due to its unique bonded phase containing five OH groups.

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Until 31. July 2015 (17:00): 35 % discount on all HALO®-5 columns

HALO®-5 Fused Core C18: the ideal column for analysing herbicides

Recently the media reported that the most commonly used herbicide may lead to cancer. If and how much a product is tainted with herbicides can ideally be analysed with the HALO®-5 Fused-Core C18 column. The HALO®-5 columns are also ideal for numerous other applications. Find detailed information under "HPLC columns and accessories" or in the latest HALO® catalogue.

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labotec 2015, Lausanne, 6. & 7. May 2015 The show for laboratory technologies & services
Visit us at Booth A03

We show you, among others, our vast programme of standard and special laboratory vials and caps for all requirements in the laboratory as well as chromatography columns.

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Labotec website

Antihistamines help treating hay fever: For allergy sufferers spring always arrives too early

Spring has arrived: Good news for sun seekers, bad news for allergy sufferers. Anthistamines are used for the treatment of allergies such as hey fever. For the analysis of the therapeutically used substances, we especially recommend the HALO-5® column, the insert Vial iV2µ-Vial with a very small residual volume in combination with the ms-Pure caps with the non-pigmented ms-Pure septum.

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Popular Easter-brunch-buffets: salmonellae in egg based dishes

A good Easter-brunch-buffet should offer hard and soft boiled eggs, Tiramisù or egg canapés with homemade mayonnaise. How you make mayonnaise using our chemoline products ( you can watch under: .

With insufficient or no cooling, these egg dishes may, however, be the cause of a salmonella infection.

For the analysis of bacteria in eggs we recommend the CLNpakGPC "Clean-up"-Series from Shodex. The packing material of these columns is very robust even when switching between solvents.

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Chocolate - ambassador of Switzerland: What's in it?

The Swiss are said to have consumed 117 bars of chocolate per head last year. To ensure the maintenance of high quality of this much loved sweet at home and abroad and this important export product, raw and final products are regularly analysed.

For a reliable sugar analysis we recommend the

two Shodex column types SUGAR Serie and Asahipak NH2P

HPLC filters

the 9 mm screw vials 1.2 ml & 2 ml septum vials G094
and the 2 ml standard vial G004-HP-H-Vials

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Currency correction factor

To the surprise of many, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) has recently lifted the cap on the Swiss Franc. While the import of products has become cheaper over night, products in stock that were bought while the cap was still intact as well as salaries, rent and so on have kept their price.

We have decided to grant our customers a currency correction factor of currently - 9 % on almost all products. We keep the right, however, to adjust this factor according to the Swiss Franc's development and without prior notice. The currently valid currency correction factor you will find published on the entry page of our website or in the archive.

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Phosphor and pesticides pollute Swiss soil and waters

The government report on agriculture 2014 of the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) said that too many pollutants, especially pesticides and phosphor are polluting our soil and waters. The report is based on the regular and targeted analysis of soil and water. For this sort of analysis you find the suitable accessory at infochroma ag:

IC-columns to analyse inorganic anions and cations in water and soil

Storage Vials

Screw Vials pre-cleaned for TOC

Vials pre-cleaned for pesticide analysis

Yeti HPLC filter

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