HALO®-2 Fused-Core columns for UHPLC

- rugged
- high efficiency
- low back pressure

The new HALO®-2 Fused-Core UHPLC column was specifically designed for fast high resolution separations. Packed with 2 µm core-shell particles, the HALO®-2 column has a higher separation efficiency than columns packed with sub-2 µm non-core particles and works at lower operating pressure. An optimized packing technology and improved column hardware provide a column stability up to 1000 bar (14,500 psi). The 2 µm particle size of the HALO®-2 column allows the use of 1 µm inlet frits instead of the 0.5 or 0.2 µm frits required by sub-2 µm columns. Therefore the HALO®-2 column is far less prone to plugging from particles in the sample or the mobile phase.
Advantages of the HALO®-2 Fused-core column compared to sub-2 µm non-core UHPLC columns
Fused-Core UHPLC column with ~ 300K plates per meter
• higher efficiency than existing non-core sub-2-µm columns
longer column lifetime
• more injections, less downtime
• the Fused-Core 2 µm particle size allows the use of 1 µm inlet frits
• 1 µm inlet frits are less likely to plug from UHPLC sample or mobile phase contaminants than typical 0.2 - 0.5 µm inlet frits on non-core sub-2 µm columns
all advantages of sub-2 µm non-core particles at lower operating pressure
• high speed and efficiency with short columns
• improved productivity and less solvent usage from shorter analysis time
• higher resolution and peak capacity with longer columns
• sharper and taller peaks = better sensitivity and lower LOD and LOQ
• lower back pressure than most commercially available non-core sub-2 μm columns

Higher plate number at lower pressure

The higher efficiency of HALO®-2 columns without the
ultra-high back pressure provides less wear on the
HPLC system, which means less maintenance.
Nearly 2.5 times higher plates/bar is attained using
the HALO®-2 column compared to the sub-2 μm
non-core column.

High pressure stability

The high performance of HALO®-2 columns is maintained
after injections at 970 bar. These results demonstrate the
rugged stability of HALO®-2 columns.

Rapid, high resolution

The example on the right demonstrates the rapid, high
resolution performance that can be obtained with a
2.1 x 100 mm HALO 2 column. These 14 compounds
are separated in less than 10 minutes at only 545 bar.
A comparable separation using a 2.1 x 100 mm sub-2 μm
non-core particle column would require more than 600 bar
and could not be accomplished without a UHPLC system.

Short description of available phases

C18 & C8 Phase
Excellent performance for a broad range of analyte polarities. Separations are primarily due to hydrophobic interactions and differences in hydrophobicity among analytes.

C18 - will strongly retain polar and moderately polar analytes
C8 - provides similar selectivity to C18 but with less retention


Phenyl-Hexyl Phase
Separations occur both due to hydrophobic and π-π interactions. Enhanced retention and selectivity for aromatic and unsaturated analytes especially those with electron withdrawing groups and halogens. Compatible with aqueous mobile phases.


RP-Amide Phase
HALO® RP-Amide Phase for the separation of Analytes that form weak hydrogen bridges with Amide. This Phase is an alternative to C18 Phase for Analytes, when a C18 phase fails to provide an adequate separation. In general, acids will be retained more, bases will be retained slightly less, and neutral analytes will have approximately the same retention on the HALO® RP-Amide as they will on the HALO® C18.


PFP Phase
Separations take place due to multiple types and degrees of analyte interactions including hydrophobic, π-π, dipole-dipole and hydrogen bonding. Can be used in the HILIC mode with mobile phases containing greater than 80% acetonitrile. Enhanced selectivity for stereoisomers. Compatible with highly aqueous mobile phases.

ES-CN Phase
Provides strong dipole-dipole interactions with analytes and weak hydrophobic interactions. Suitable for use in reversed-phase, HILIC, and normal-phase modes. Rapid equilibration with low bleed for high throughput LC-MS applications. Extra stable bonding with sterically protected ligand provides improved stability and performance compared to conventional CN phases, especially at low pH (1–4).


Penta-Hilic Phase
The Penta-HILIC is specifically designed and intended for hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography, HILIC. The HALO® Penta-HILIC stationary phase is a highly polar ligand that possesses 5 hydroxyl groups tethered to the silica via novel proprietary linkage chemistry. The retention mechanism offered by the Penta-HILIC phase is a combination of hydrophilic interaction and weak hydrophobic binding interaction. Retention in HILIC mode as a function of mobile phase is opposite that of reversed phase. For example, increasing the mobile phase strength involves increasing the polarity of the mobile phase by increasing the aqueous component. Penta-HILIC is particularly recommended for the separation of highly polar analytes that are poorly retained in reversed phase mode. The Penta-HILIC phase is also recommended for LC-MS applications because of the MS friendly mobile phase conditions typically used with Penta-HILIC.


Hilic Phase
The HILIC phase is an unbonded pure silica. It can be used for either normal-phase or HILIC mode of separation. When used in HILIC mode, it is recommended for similar applications as the Penta-HILIC phase described previously. Separations on HILIC are expected to be similar to Penta-HILIC, although subtle differences in selectivity will often occur, favouring one phase over the other when developing an optimized HILIC separation.

ID 2.1 mm - Particle Size 2 µm - Pore Size 90Å  
ID x Length
C18 C8 Phenyl Hexyl RP-Amide  
2.1 x 20 mm 8AM-91812-202 8AM-91812-208 8AM-91812-206 8AM-91812-207  
2.1 x 30 mm 8AM-91812-302 8AM-91812-308 8AM-91812-306 8AM-91812-307  
2.1 x 50 mm 8AM-91812-402 8AM-91812-408 8AM-91812-406 8AM-91812-407  
2.1 x 75 mm 8AM-91812-502 8AM-91812-508 8AM-91812-506 8AM-91812-507  
2.1 x 100 mm 8AM-91812-602 8AM-91812-608 8AM-91812-606 8AM-91812-607  
2.1 x 150 mm 8AM-91812-702 8AM-91812-708 8AM-91812-706 8AM-91812-707  
Guard Columns, 3-pack  
ID x Length
C18 C8 Phenyl Hexyl RP-Amide Guard Column Holder
2.1 x 5 mm 8AM-91812-102 8AM-91812-108 8AM-91812-106 8AM-91812-107 8AM-94900-001
ID 2.1 mm - Particle Size 2 µm - Pore Size 90Å  
ID x Length
2.1 x 20 mm 8AM-91812-209 8AM-91812-204 8AM-91812-205 8AM-91812-201  
2.1 x 30 mm 8AM-91812-309 8AM-91812-304 8AM-91812-305 8AM-91812-301  
2.1 x 50 mm 8AM-91812-409 8AM-91812-404 8AM-91812-405 8AM-91812-401  
2.1 x 75 mm 8AM-91812-509 8AM-91812-504 8AM-91812-505 8AM-91812-501  
2.1 x 100 mm 8AM-91812-609 8AM-91812-604 8AM-91812-605 8AM-91812-601  
2.1 x 150 mm 8AM-91812-709 8AM-91812-704 8AM-91812-705 8AM-91812-701  
Guard Columns, 3-pack  
ID x Length
2.1 x 5 mm 8AM-91812-109 8AM-91812-104 8AM-91812-105 8AM-91812-101 8AM-94900-001
ID 3.0 - Particle Size 2 µm - Pore Size 90Å  
ID x Length
C18 C8 Phenyl Hexyl RP-Amide  
3.0 x 20 mm 8AM-91813-202 8AM-91813-208 8AM-91813-206 8AM-91813-207  
3.0 x 30 mm 8AM-91813-302 8AM-91813-308 8AM-91813-306 8AM-91813-307  
3.0 x 50 mm 8AM-91813-402 8AM-91813-408 8AM-91813-406 8AM-91813-407  
3.0 x 75 mm 8AM-91813-502 8AM-91813-508 8AM-91813-506 8AM-91813-507  
3.0 x 100 mm 8AM-91813-602 8AM-91813-608 8AM-91813-606 8AM-91813-607  
3.0 x 150 mm 8AM-91813-702 8AM-91813-708 8AM-91813-706 8AM-91813-707  
Guard Columns, 3-pack  
ID x Length
C18 C8 Phenyl Hexyl RP-Amide Guard Column Holder
3.0 x 5 mm 8AM-91813-102 8AM-91813-108 8AM-91813-106 8AM-91813-107 8AM-94900-001
ID 3.0 - Particle Size 2 µm - Pore Size 90Å  
ID x Length
3.0 x 20 mm 8AM-91813-209 8AM-91813-204 8AM-91813-205 8AM-91813-201  
3.0 x 30 mm 8AM-91813-309 8AM-91813-304 8AM-91813-305 8AM-91813-301  
3.0 x 50 mm 8AM-91813-409 8AM-91813-404 8AM-91813-405 8AM-91813-401  
3.0 x 75 mm 8AM-91813-509 8AM-91813-504 8AM-91813-505 8AM-91813-501  
3.0 x 100 mm 8AM-91813-609 8AM-91813-604 8AM-91813-605 8AM-91813-601  
3.0 x 150 mm 8AM-91813-709 8AM-91813-704 8AM-91813-705 8AM-91813-701  
Guard Columns, 3-pack  
ID x Length
3.0 x 5 mm 8AM-91813-109 8AM-91813-104 8AM-91813-105 8AM-91813-101 8AM-94900-001

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