Keep things tidy: Column Store for storing HPLC Columns

Poor storage can lead to reduced performance and decreased lifetime of your column so it's worth investing in the storage of your HPLC columns. You can store your HPLC columns in the box they came in but it's easy to loose track of what is in store.

With the compact Column Store it is easy to keep track. Store all your HPLC columns securely in one place in moulded drawer inserts, which fit most of the analytical and semi-prep columns as well as all end fitting types. In brief, keep your columns in a protected environment where they are easy to find and to identify.

Available as
- bench-top model for 30 columns up to 30 cm length
- suitable for all end-fitting types
- solid steel construction with chrome plated handles
- stackable, thus easy to increase the number of columns in storage
- one drawer stores up to 10 columns x 12.5 cm length or a combination of columns, guard columns and analytical columns

bench-top model

5 drawers for 30 HPLC columns
size (W x H x L): 279 x 325 x 408 mm
drawer height 51 mm
weight: 10.5 kg

Three 8LH-ColStor30 stacked and securely held together by


Bracket to securely stack several Column Store Boxes


Tray for storing HPLC fittings and small tools. Fits in any Column Store Drawer

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