Shodex Columns
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Shodex NP/RP Columns

NP - Amino Phase

RP - Polymer Phase
Asahipak, RSpak

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Ion Chromatography

Shodex IEC Series
● for strong or weak Anions or anion or cation exchange
● packed with chemically stable polymers
● excellent reproducibility, durable, wide pH range: 2-12
● all phases also available for micro-LC and preparative-LC

ideal for the separation of environmental samples, e.g. Proteins, Peptides,
Amino acid, DNA, RNA, Oligonucleotide & Glycoproteine

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SEC - Size Exclusion Chromatography

● for the use with an organic mobile phase
● available with in-column solvents THF, Chloroform, DMF, HFIP and Toluene
● other in-column solvents available on request: e.g. Quinolin,
o-Dichlorbenzol, Ethyl Acetate, Tetrachlorethan and Dimethylacetamid
● Base material Styren Divinylbenzol Copolymer

Standard Columns

High Temperature Columns
for the use with a temperature up to 230° C.
suited for the separation of polymers or insoluble polymers with a high molecular weight, e.g. polyethylene or polypropylene

Down Size Columns
especially suited for the separation of synthetic polymers using an organic solvent as mobile phase.
The inner diameter of a Down Size Column is up to one third smaller than the inner diameter of a standard column. The flow rate may be reduced to achieve the same separation as with a standard column. Reducing the flow rate requires less mobile phase which reduces the amount of organic solvent required and shortens the analysis time.

Solvent Peak Columns
delay the elution of components with a low molecular mass and may be used for the separation of solvent peaks or other troublesome peaks to achieve an accurate measurement of the molecular weight distribution.

Linear Type Columns - LF-Series
The packing material of this column has a wide pore size distribution (multi pore type) which enables the analysis over a broad range of molecular weights. The calibration curve is highly linear and without inflection points and the molecular weight distribution can be determined with high precision.

Columns with an "M" in the part number
The columns with an "M" at the end of the part number are mixed-gel columns capable of a wide molecular weight distribution range of samples.

Columns with an "L" in the part number
"L" stands for Linear Type Columns. They are mixed-gel columns as described above but the distribution of the pore sizes is mono-disperse, which allows a more linear calibration curve so that these columns also cover the non-linear area of standard and mixed-gel columns.

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Sugar Analysis

Sugar can be separated by SEC, RP, NP, Ligand Exchange or Ion Exchange Chromatography

SUGAR S Series
Saccharides are separated by a combination of methods, such as Ligand Exchange, SEC, Ion Exchange and Normal Phase Chromatography.
These columns are used for the separation of sugar and sugar alcohol.

Saccharides are separated by a combination of SEC and Ligand Exchange and columns are available with several Exclusion Limits.

Asahipak GS-220 HQ
Saccharides are analysed by SEC. There is no Ligand Exchange so that Oligosaccharides are eluded first with descending molecular weight..

Asahipak NHP2P Series
Saccharides are separated with Normal Phase Chromatography. This column is suited for the separation of Monosaccharides, Oligosaccharides and Alcohol sugar.

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