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Cool, trendy and nurdy chemestry fan articles

chemoline shop

Order on-line at,
or visit the infoTheke in Goldau.

Do you like retro chic?
Then we recommend the original garden gnome
from Gräfenroda the "birthdplace" of the garden gnomes.
What garden gnomes and vials have in common
you'll find under this link.

Are you cellecting sand from far away beaches and are
looking for a way to store and present it?
Are you planning an Apéro and are looking for a groovy way
to present your hors d'oeuvres?
Our bottles and vials may not just be used in the lab.
We are happy to assist in word and deed.

The infoTheke is open during office hours

from Monday - Friday
09:00 - 17:00

how to find us

On Friday 01.04.2011 we celebrated the opening of the infoTheke.
After a short speach and a delicious "TApéro spécial à la mode du chef"
the infoTheke was examined, T-shirts were tried and goodies shopped.
the pictures


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