What have Garden Gnomes and Vials in common?
We often hear this question, the answer is simple: Both are from Gräfenroda.

The Gräfenroda garden gnome
Gräfenroda is considered the birthplace of the Garden Gnomes, where, since 1874, the Philipp Griebel Garden Gnome Manufactory produces the familiar Garden Gnome from terra cotta. The manufactory survived two World Wars and the nationalisation in GDR times to VEB Terrakotta; today it is run in 4. generation by the great grandson of the founder.

The garden gnomes are hand crafted by Reinhard Griebel and lovingly painted by hand by his team. Thus each gnome is unique and an evidence of the Thuringia craftsmanship. Gnomes are considered to represent the miners and symbolise diligence, honesty, hard work and modesty by their shortness. The gnome lives in dualism of reality and virtuality and perceptive people call him patron of home and yard. That's why the gnome, perceived as virtual personality, is given a name.

Glastechnik Gräfenroda GmbH
Glastechnik Gräfenroda GmbH was founded after the "Wende" (reunification) and produces laboratory vials for Chromatography and chemical analysis. It is a small, traditional, family owned producer, attached to its home county Thuringia.

The Swiss/Thuringia co-operation
infochroma ag and Glastechnik Gräfenroda GmbH look back on a co-operation of many years and we both want more than just produce and offer products in our field: we are consistently questioning and optimising every step from the development to the final control of a product, in order to supply you with useful vials as a solution for your daily chemical analysis. Our focus is to achieve a consistently high quality and to maintain it. With deliberate lateral thinking we are looking for solutions, to develop products for new applications.

A conglomerate of companies run by friendly families
Since spring 2011, infochroma ag sells the chemestry fan articles of the chemoLine GmbH in Switzerland via the web-shop chemoline.ch. chemoLine GmbH, Glastechnik Gräfenroda GmbH and infochroma ag are a conglomerate of companies, run by friendly families, who are happy to gradually hand over responsibility from the older to the younger generation.

We, the older generation, however, see our responsibility not limited to just handing over the business. We attach just as much importance to handing over the responsibilty for employees, suppliers and customers, who together secure the sustained value and with that the success of a company. This certainly sets a high standard which won’t always be met and which is inherent in the ongoing confl ict of interests such as economical and social obligations or quality versus price.


Yetino Rodowitch guardian of the pure sample

Yetino Rodowitch our Yeti Gnome watches over the purity of the sample and will keep watch over your chromatography system to prevent it from clogging up.

Carlo Carbon-Chroma the family gnome

Carlo Carbon-Chroma’s connection to chemistry is directly visible in the «C» in the centre of the diamond on his jumper. The «C» stands for the sixth element carbon, which is the molecular base of all live on earth. The «C» stands also for Chroma as in chromatography. The «C» also stands for chemoLine, our web-shop for chemistry fans. And the «C» also stands for «commitment».

The commitment for cehesion and solidarity in family matters especially outside the standard nuclear family. This commitment towards the family demands from everyone involved to be tolerant and forgiving. We are pleased if Carlo reminds you of the good within your family and even should not everything be perfect that it may encourage you to take a step forward and to try to «improve» your family in your own way. This is certainly a high demand but we know: «If your faith is as big as a mustard seed, you can tell the mountains to move from here to there.» We wish you such a «mustard seed believe» and all the best for you and your family.

Carlo Carbon-Chroma is our first gnome moulded by Reinhard Griebel after a design by Sarah Zimmer, Berlin. A design patent has been registered for Carlo Carbon-Chroma.
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