eVol® the digital analytical Syringe

fast, precise and reproducible measuring and pipetting

eVol® is fast and precise. eVol® combines a digitally controlled drive with a gas tight analytical syringe. This guarantees a reliable precise result each time independent of the operator. The eVol® Syringe is ergonomically shaped and easy to operate.

MEPS: automated fishing for substances

MEPS can be used fully automatically

Sample preparation, extraction & injection are carried out on-line all with the same syringe

available for LC & GC

Mighty MEPS™ the "mighty" fast, miniaturized SPE

save solvents, time and money

Mighty MEPS™ is the combination of eVol® and MEPS.
In combination eVol®l and MEPS™ improve the workflow and save resources

ideal for
- Sample Preparation
- Method Development
- Sample Clean-Up

WebSeal Mats from Silikon Elastomer

available are
Silikon Mats
Silikon/PTFE Mats

for 96er or 384er Well Plates

3M Extraction System

Extraction Disk Vacuum
Disk Manifold
SPE Extraction Disk Cartridges

Extraction & Filtration Plates in Well Plate format

SolventTrak - recycle uncontaminated solvent - reduces acetonitrile consumption

Recycles uncontaminated solvent with the aid of an electronically monitored T-valve

The baseline is detected in Isocratic systems. When a peak is identified, the solvent is sent to waste.

Reduces the consumption of acetonitrile.

Interesting for quality control with Isocratic systems in routine laboratories.

For questions on how to use and install a solvent recycler, please contact our HPLC specialist Ruedi Schwarz from sertec electronics in Olten.

SolventTrak Brochure
pdf 769 kb

SolventTrak Brochure
pdf 769 kb

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