Wash Vials

Autosamplers extracting the sample from the vial with a syringe, need the syringe rinsed after each injection to keep sample carryover at a minimum. With increasing sensitivity of the Analysis, the rinsing process becomes increasingly important, especially when different or viscous samples are analysed. The vial in which the solvent is kept is the so called Wash Vial.

Wash Vials are in fact normal 4 ml Screw Vials which are filled with a solvent. Instead of a septum, the screw cap has a funnel, the diffusion insert. The diffusion insert serves three purposes: it closes the vial, it reduces evaporation of the solvent and guides the needle. Common diffusion inserts are loose in the cap and when the vial is opened for filling, the diffusion insert ever so often jumps from the cap, disappearing into a dark corner of the laboratory where it is hard to be found. Our Wash Vials have a diffusion insert that snaps into the screw cap staying in place when the vial is opened and filled.

einstichtiefe der SpritzeBecause a standard vial is 32 mm in height while the Wash Vial is 45 mm, a good part of the solvent in the Wash Vial cannot be used; for naturally the syringe descends to the same depth in both the standard vial and the Wash Vial. Therefore the minimum filling level is marked on the Wash Vial. On the side of the waste solvent this is in reverse. The syringe should not dip into the waste solvent and the maximum filling level is marked.

2 mL of one Wash Vial filling can be used, which means if the syringe is rinsed 3 times with 10 µl it can be rinsed for 65 injections. Even though the Wash Vial contains clean solvent only, the repeated insertion of the syringe will contaminate the vial and the diffusion insert. Therefore we recommend to exchange the Wash Vial regularly, latest after 100 injections. The same applies for the Waste Vial, which however can be used longer. Our Wash Vials are supplied in practical sets of 100 pcs, the screw caps of the solvent vials are yellow, red, green and blue, those for the Waste Vial are black and white.


Our Wash Vials come in a practical Kit of 100 pcs, the screw caps of the Solvent Vials have the colours yellow, red, green and blue; the screw caps of the Waste Vials are black and white.

4 ml Wash Vial Kit
4 x 20 Solvent Vials with Diffusion Caps: colours blue, green, red and yellow
2 x 10 Waste Vials with Diffusion Caps: colours black and white
Screw Caps complete with Diffusion Insert

2 ml Vials


black opaque
ms-Pure Caps
Wash Vial
Septum Vials
Storage Vials

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