The Salli saddle chair

split saddle chair for a natural posture


We spend the best part of each day sitting down although our body is not made for a sitting posture. This has a negative effect on our health and productivity.

It is extremely important for our body to receive a sufficient supply of oxygen and nourishment and for waste products to be removed - two functions which are guaranteed by an active blood circulation (blood and lymph).

Traditional workstation

When we sit in the conventional way, with 90 degree angles in hip and knees, our balance and posture are poor. This affects many areas in the upper body and decreases circulation.
The poor posture that conventional chairs inevitably cause, stretches and tenses back muscles and thus decreases circulation (blood 5 litres, lymph 14 litres). The faceted joints in the spine are open, which increases the pressure on discs as much as 30 per cent. We can try to ease the pressure by using a backrest but it does not really help and, in the end, we end up not using it.
The weight of the upper body is also on the back of the thighs, the buttocks, the pelvic floor and the genital area, thus decreasing the circulation in those areas and causing swelling in the legs.

Traditional office chair, pressure on the thighs and buttocks.

Shoulder tensions

Bad posture
Poor breathing
Slow bowel

Mouse-hand syndrome
Lower back pain

Cellulite build-up
Genital health problems

Joint ailments
Varicose veins
Poor blood and lymph circulation

  Salli workstation


Circulation is undisturbed when we sit on a two-part saddle chair. Bones (sitting bones, the feet and elbows) carry the weight, so there is no pressure on soft tissues.
Posture is almost undisturbed because the legs are apart and sloping down in a 45 degree angle, which makes the pelvis automatically tilt forward. When the pelvis is tilted forward the back is in its neutral position. It feels easy and natural to sit when one is balanced in the same way as when standing. No muscle tensions or outside pressure disturb circulation.
Deeper breathing and improved circulation enable the body to get enough oxygen and nutrients.

Two-part saddle chair, pressure on the sitting bones.

Active brain
Relaxed shoulders

Posture improves
Breathing deepens
Faster bowel movement

Effortless use of mouse
Healthy back

Increased circulation in buttocks
Better genital health

Joint friendly

Good circulation in legs
Blood and lymph circulation improves

Salli saddle chair
Salli saddle chair
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