11 mm Polyethylene Caps with Septum
Feature Septum Material Septum Thickness Septum Colour Cap Colour   Product No.
General - PTFE PTFE 0.25 mm white   8C11-PEC(B)-T02
General - Rubber Rubber/PTFE 1 mm ocker 8C11-PEC-8RT1
General - Silicone Silicone/PTFE 1 mm white/red 8C11-PEC-ST1
single injection
moulded septum
Polyethylene 0.25 mm - 8C11-PEC1
single injection
moulded septum

Polyethylene 0.25 mm - C11-PEC1X
Crimp Vials
Tabular View
2 ml Crimp Vial
Crimp Vials with
low Residual Volume
Dry Vial for
Moisture Analysis
from Polypropylene,
Polyethylene, PTFE
Alucrimp Caps
with Septum
Polyethylene Caps
with Septum

For the convenient handling in the laboratory, caps from the infochroma production programme are supplied in clear screw-top PET jars.
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