8 mm Aluminium Crimp Caps
  Feature/Autosampler Septum Material Septum
Product No.


may be used with Agilent Technologies Autosamplers

rubber/PTFE 1 mm red 8C08-AC7


for PerkinElmer ISS-100

PTFE 0.25 mm white 8C08-ACT
long term storage Chlorobutyl rubber/PTFE 1 mm grey/white 8C08-AC-CBT1


especially for ICI and Pharmacia

silicone/PTFE 1.5 mm white/red 8C08-AC-ST15

especially for ECD

especially for Fisons and Thermo Finnegan

silicone/PTFE 1 mm blue/grey 8C08-AC-ST101

to avoid creation of vacuum

for PerkinElmer ISS-200 and Merck-Hitachi

silicone/PTFE 1 mm white/red 8003(8)-Hi-Si/Te

multiple injections

especially for Gilson

PTFE/silicone/PTFE 1 mm red/white/red 8C08-AC-TST1
especially for ECD Viton 1 mm black 8C08-AC-V1

aqueous samples

moulded septum

polyethylene - - 8C08-PEC1

aqueous samples

moulded septum, pre-slit

polyethylene - - 8C08-PEC1X
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