MS-Pure Septum: non-pigmented Silicone Septum

With the increasing sensitivity of GC‘s and HPLC‘s there is an increased need for low bleed septum material
to reduce the potential for sample error and to improve overall reliability. Pigmentation in coloured septum
material can be a source of contaminant and tests show that the MS-Pure Septum is over 60 % cleaner
than the standard white/red versions on the market.

ms-Pure Septum
- highest quality non-pigmented silicone elastomer
- low bleed
- excellent re-seal ability, resists coring
- intended for multiple injections
- low compression set for storage reliability

Evaluation of overall bleed characteristics using gas chromatography

Bleed Comparison Between Natural and Red PTFE Sample Using Gas Chromatography

Intuitively, one would surmise that pigmented materials (i.e. those that are coloured in some way) would be more likely to pose as a contaminant source when compared to materials that are not pigmented. This study compares two (2) 0.1 mm thick samples of PTFE. One is red in colour and the other is non-pigmented or natural. The Total Peak Area illustrates that the Natural (non-pigmented) PTFE shows a value of (0) zero, while the Red PTFE yielded a total peak area of 315. Using lower bleed materials provides truer readings, eliminates another potential error source, decreases sample contamination, and improves productivity.

Blank (total Peak area = 0)

Natural PTFE Sample (total Peak area = 0)

Red PTFE Sample (total Peak area = 315)

ms-Pure silicone/PTFE
ms-Pure silicone/PTFE
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