pp-Pure Vial - Polypropylene Vial for Sample Volumes from 100 - 700 μl

Until a few years ago, the emphasis of pharmaceutical research was on small molecules, while today the focus is more on big molecules, such as peptides and proteins. Big molecules are easily adsorbed on the glass surface, so that glass vials need to be silanised; if you work with aqueous solvents polymer vials may be used.

We found and use a unique pure polypropylene containing no softeners, which can be used in injection moulding. In the process, the polypropylene is pressed into the form and shrinks in the cooling process leaving some vacant spots. If we used polypropylene with a softener, we could simply inject some more polypropylene into the mould to "fill" these vacant spots. With as pure a material as we are using, this is not possible, so small vacuum bubbles remain. This however is only a blemish and proof of the purity of the material.

The inner form of the vial, designed for optimized micro sampling, is ideal for taking smallest
sample volumes and allows to work in a range from 100 - 700 µl sample volume.

Because of the high inner base, the pp-Pure vial is suitable for working with very small sample volumes and depending on needle geometry the actual non-injectable volume is extremely small. We recommend to adjust the needle height to ≥ 3.5 mm above base of the vial.

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