eVol® the Digital Analytical Syringe

fast, precise and reproducible measuring and pipetting

eVol® is fast and precise. eVol® combines a digitally controlled drive with a gas tight analytical syringe. This guarantees a reliable precise result each time independent of the operator. The eVol® Syringe is ergonomically shaped and easy to operate. The analytical syringe can easily be exchanged and is suitable for the use with all liquids of organic, aqueous or even viscous nature.

One aspiration allows a quick sequence of precise dispensings
(standard deviation ≤ 0,3% RDS)

By programming the "Repeat Dispense" modus aspiration volume, number of dispensings, aspiration speed and dispensing speed can be saved for an individual syringe. Thus one syringe can be clearly allotted to a solvent and a method avoiding cross contamination of the reagents. Thanks to password protection methods, calibration, dispensing sequences and other operator defined parameters are securely stored.


eVol® Starter Kit: 8S-eVol-Start

the eVol® Starter Kit contains
1 eVol® with charger & stand

1 syringe each with
5 µl, 100 µl and 1 ml Volume

eVol XR pdf 2.5 MB


eVol® Brochure pdf 3.5 MB

eVol® Quick Start Guide
pdf 70 KB

eVol® Operation Manual
pdf 6.8 MB


Combination of
eVol® + MEPS™

= Mighty MEPS™

eVol® MEPS™
ideal for:
Sample Preparation
Method Development
Sample Clean Up

pdf 1.8 MB

Sample Preparation
Mighty MEPS™
= eVol® + Meps ™
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for 96 & 384 Plates
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