Precleaned & surface treated vials for critical applications

Sterile & depyrogenated vials & caps

Depyrogenation destroys and removes the endotoxins in the glass vial. Endotoxins are fever producing substances which are found in the cell wall of certain bacteria. Depyrogenated products have reduced endotoxin content by at least 99.9%.

Injectable or parenteral drugs, lyophilisation, final packaging prior to drug delivery, stability studies, clinical trial

We sterilise and depyrogenise vials & caps. A test of analysis and certificate is included in every shipment. We have a standard programme of vials from 5 - 100 ml in clear and amber glass. Vial, cap and septum are individually sealed. 10 individually sealed sets make up a sales unit.

Special projects possible without problem, please inquire.

our standard programme

We do special projects.
Please inquire.

Silanised autosampler vials

Silanising neutralizes active sites in glassware. This prevents the sample to react with active sites in the glass. Using silanised vials, eliminates the loss of polar compounds on the glass surface and is therefore recommended when analysing proteins, antibiotics, phenols, herbicides and pesticides. The silanised surface is extremely stable and is only affected by extremely alkaline or sour conditions.

If none of the silanised vials in our standard programme meet with your needs, contact us.

our standard programme

Vials & bottles for water and trace analysis

Vials specifically cleaned for TOC, VOC, pesticide, metal, cyanide, sulphide & fluoride and nitrate/nitrite analysis. The cleaning protocol follows EPA methods.
A cleaning certificate is included.

Vials & bottles for TOC

Vials & bottles for VOC

Vials & bottles for
Pesticide analysis
Metal, cyanide, sulphide & fluoride analysis
Nitrate/nitrite analysis

Our standard programme comprises a choice of the most common vials and bottles requested. You don't find what you are looking for? Contact us!

A description of possible cleaning processes.

Vue globale sur les
processus de nettoyage
Flacons silanisés
Flacons en verre
et stériles
Flacons COT
Flacons COV
Flacons pré-nettoyés
pour les analyse de l'eau
et des éléments en trace
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